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Fire stop batts are a 60mm thick lightweight flexible high-density mineral fibre barrier system coated with a white fire resistant barrier coat.

Used to provide a fire barrier in compartment walls and floors, under raised floor tiles, above false ceilings and within plant rooms, to achieve a minimum of one hour fire protection and cold smoke seal.


The fire stop batts have been widely tested to BS476 part 20 and are approved as a vertical barrier up to 3m in height with integral support and are resistant to moisture, movement and vibration.


If additional services are required once the fire stop batt system has been installed, pipes and cables can easily be installed with no additional maintenance required if a tight fit is achieved.


Please select from the various products below to download material safety datasheets in PDF format.


Nullifire intumescent paint systemJ2000 - Flexible Intumescent Gap Seal
Water resistant compressible seal offers fire, smoke and acoustic performance for horizontal and vertical structural movement joints,
with up to 50% movement.


M701 - Flexible Acrylic Mastic
Internal water-borne Intumescent acrylic mastic. Offers fire, smoke and acoustic performance for horizontal and vertical structural movement joints, with up to 10% movement.


M703 - FlexibleSilicone Mastic
External silicone mastic. Offers fire, smoke and acoustic performance for horizontal and vertical structural movement joints, with up to 40% movement.


B735/747 - Fire Rated Batts
Lightweight mineral fibre barrier coated either side with acrylic mastic. Prevents the passage of toxic gasses, smoke and fire between compartments. Also offer acoustic and thermal insulation.


B805/B810 - Fire Rated Flexible Curtain
Lightwieght flexible fire rated fabric. Designed to be stretched between perimeter fixings to prevent the passage of smoke or fire.


B760 - Fire Rated Intumescent Seal Bags
Temporary or permanent fire rated seal bags. These hard wearing fabric bags are designed to fill wall or floor penetration and are easily modified for new services.


B150 / B150 2 Hours / B150 4 Hours - Fire Rated Pipe Collar
Surface mounted Intumescent pipe wraps designed to close off PVC and uPVC pipes, preventing the passage of smoke and fire.


B300 - Fire Rated Pipe Wraps
Internally located Intumescent pipe wraps designed to close off PVC and uPVC pipes, preventing the passage of smoke and fire.


B220 / B240 / B270 - Fire Rated Compound
Load Bearing and non-load bearing compounds designed to seal around multi-service penetrations.

B600 - Fire Rated Insulated Pipe Sleeve
Easy Fit Intumescent pip sleeve, offers thermal insulation, vapour seal of traditional lagging whilst providing up to 120 minutes fire protections, for steal, copper and plastic pipe penetrations.


Firetherm Stone WoolIntubatts - Fire Rated Batts
A high density mineral fibre batt coated with a durable fire resistant mastic, 1200x600x50mm. The mastic is white and provides Class 1 spread of flame. Supplied packed singly in strong polythene bags, Intubatts can be cut with a serrated knife or padsaw. The Intubatt system is suitable to fire stop holes in walls and floors where there is no loading bearing requirement. Refer to the Intubatt Installation Instructions for further details. No "coat back" of penetrating services is necessary.

Intubatt140 - Fire Rated Batts
In order to broaden our product range to cater for all needs, Firetherm have launched Intubatt 140. This is a slightly lower density mineral fibre batt (140kg/m3) offered at a great new price.

Intucompound - Fire Rated Compound
Supplied as an-off white powder in 20kg sacks, it is mixed with water and is exceptionally economical in use:-
50mm depth -37kg/m dry powder -1.85 bags (1 hour)
75mm depth -56kg/m dry powder -2.8 bags (2 hours)
100mm depth -75kg/m dry powder -3.75 bags (4 hours)

Intucompound can be used to provide load bearing fire seals in floors or to support fire dampers in walls. Up to 4 hours fire integrity + insulation.

Intulight - Designed to overcome a common problem where a light-box or downlighter unit breaks through a fire rated suspended ceiling. If left open, this creates an obvious path for a fire to exploit allowing it to gain access to a cavity which could lead to the fire spreading unseen and unchecked around the building. Constructed from compressed mineral fibre, coated with foil to reduce free fibre migration to a minimum, Firetherm's solution is easier to install than "tented" types and more cost effective. Made to order at no extra cost.

Firetherm 30/90 - As Firetherm 30/90 is manufactured from densely woven glass cloth, coated to prevent fibre migration, it is particularly suitable for use in food processing and pharmaceutical plants, super stores and computer installations where dust undesirable.

Intupillow - Fire resistant bags filled with a mixture of inorganic filler, Intumescent material and fibres sealed inside a high quality glass fibre woven fabric. In a fire, the contents expand and solidify, becoming solid like a rock so supporting the penetrating services and holding back the fire for up to 2 hours. Intupillows are moisture resistant and do not contain halogens. They are clean and pleasant to handle. Ideal for use around frequently changed computer or data cables as they can be removed or replaced.

Intucollar-T - Intucollar is constructed from a metal shell produced in two hinged halves, lined with intumescent material, to be placed around PVCu pipework and fixed to the adjacent masonry with the all steel fixing kit supplied to provide up to 2 hours fire protection. In a fire, the intumescent lining of the metal collar expands to crush the heat-softened pipe, so creating a fire seal. A 4 hour collar is also available to special order


Intucollar-E - A metal shell lined with intumescent material to be placed around PVC-U pipes and fixed to compartment walls and floors to provide up to 4hrs fire integrity. In a fire the intumescent lining of the metal collar expands, crushing the heat-softened PVC-U pipe sealing a potential path for fire. Intucollar E is highly cost effective and supplied in flat pack form to be made up quickly and easily on site.


Intuband - A sealed plastic sleeve containing a high pressure intumescent sheet, designed to fit around PVCu pipework with a Velcro securing system to provide up to 4 hours fire integrity. Most often used in situations where a pipe passes through a hole which requires further fire sealing. Firetherm Intucompound is the perfect companion product for making good after installation.

Intustrap - Intustrap is designed to crush thermal insulation fixed around metallic pipes where it is undesirable to cut into the insulation in the normal way at the point where the firestop is to be constructed. Intustrap consists of a strip of high pressure intumescent sheet which is wrapped around the insulation twice and secured with strong tape. The fire stop is then installed in the normal way around it.

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